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 What is Online Training?

When people such as John Chambers, Executive Chairman of Cisco Systems, argue “e-learning is the killer app of the Internet” and its use will “make email look like a rounding error,” people start paying attention.

Chambers believes that e-learning will change the way schools and universities teach, the way students approach learning, and the way businesses help keep employee skills up-to-date. Of course, Cisco’s future (i.e., router sales) is greatly impacted by the number of people seeking training and education via the Internet.

E-learning, a recently popular topic, has moved the possibility for training to any Web browser. It allows for student time and place independence, expanded distribution of course materials, greater control over the quality of the learning materials, the shortening of training time, lower travel costs, the tailoring of instruction to individual needs, smaller units of instruction, automatic creation of student activity records and completion logs, easily updated content, and the potential for greater interactivity. E-learning can be delivered in either a selfpaced (and primarily asynchronous) format or through a virtual classroom with live (or synchronous) access.

Spearhead Compliance Training defines online training as “instructional content or learning experiences delivered or enabled by electronic technology.” As a business we have focused on how e-learning has impacted adults. Technology-enabled learning is designed to increase workers’ knowledge and skills so that they can be more productive, find and keep high-quality jobs, advance in their careers, and have a positive impact on the success of their employees, their families and their communities.

We challenge business leaders to utilize e-learning as a means of boosting productivity and performance gains by integrating it within organizational strategies and operations. If you are not utilising this cost effective and ever growing method of qualifying your staff then now is the time. We have saved one of our largest clients over £400,000 in staff training costs!

Online Training is set to revolutionise the training industry and we are proud to be at the forefront of that. With the UK’s leading online courses delivered via the most interactive and engaging platform on the market, we are set to dominate and disrupt this industry.

So what is E-learning? It is the future of your business growth, the future of your employees and their willingness to stay within your business.

Train Now. Invest Forever.

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