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Ex-HM Force Members Spearhead Bid For eLearning Success

Too many companies put themselves, their staff and their customers at risk, simply because they don’t have the right skills and knowledge to achieve excellence within their organisation. This is a fact that John Loveday and Paul Hood were well aware of on leaving Her Majesty’s Forces, and they decided to do something about it. Spearhead Compliance Training Ltd was born. In less than 2 years, the company has grown from a modest team of two founders and five trainers, to become a nationwide training provider with over 100 operators across the UK. By finding ways to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace, Spearhead Compliance has won over some of the UK’s leading hotels, restaurants and care homes.

Accelerating to business growth

Founders John and Paul knew that rapid growth and validation would be integral to the success of Spearhead Compliance Training. To this end, they joined the Entrepreneurial Spark Business Accelerator, which acted as a launchpad for the business. “In just two months, we quadrupled our turnover for 2014, secured a £450,000 contract with the Ministry of Defence and gained key strategic partners for our business,” says John. Within a year of joining the programme, the training provider had won multiple awards, and secured investment from Poundland founder, Steve Smith. This proved to be a gateway to some of the UK’s largest organisations, leading to multi-million pound contracts with established brands across several sectors. Building on this first round of investment, Spearhead launched a campaign on crowdfunding website seedrs. The money from this round would be used to fuel the next stage of development – an eLearning platform. Again, the company saw remarkable results, surpassing the initial funding target.

Ambitious plans for the future

Investment into Spearhead Compliance Training has enabled John and Paul to grow the company considerably in a short timeframe. They have now moved into larger premises, with a dedicated office team and 135 trainers nationwide. As new contracts roll in, the founders have ambitious growth plans for both their online and offline training courses. Much of this growth, however, will come through the development of Spearhead eLearning, the company’s online training portal. “We want to be the UK’s largest and most successful training provider. In the next two years, we aim to have seen 1 million people qualify with Spearhead Compliance Training, and I’m confident that we have the resources to make this possible,” says John. To learn more about Spearhead eLearning, visit Alternatively you can download our company Brochure, completely for free. For all press enquiries, please email or call 0121 368 0792  


The Spearhead eLearning Story


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