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Whatever your business size, model or sector, compliancy is an issue that no organisation can escape. Being ‘compliant’ is, in essence, certifying that you’re following the right industry procedures.


Not only does it demonstrate your credibility as an organisation, putting faith in staff and customers; in most cases, it’s a legal requirement. But unless you’ve run into trouble before, or done the relevant research, how do you know if your business is compliant? Thankfully, we’re here to set the record straight.


An introduction to compliance


Most of us know to stay on the right side of the law in our personal lives, but things become a little more complex where a business is at stake. Because you’re dealing with members of the public, including staff and customers in your care, it’s vital to know your obligations, no matter what space you’re in.


Compliancy is usually assessed and certified by the relevant governing body. A benchmark is subsequently maintained for the levels of trust we can place in a business. This includes how a business owner acts, what insurance they provide, how they reduce risk, and how high their standards have proven to be.


The cost of non-compliance, as we shall explore in future articles, can be crippling for businesses that refuse to explore their responsibilities. But becoming compliant doesn’t need to be a headache; some of these routes are surprisingly simple, and can benefit a huge portion of businesses in the UK.


The many faces of compliancy


Depending on what you do, there may be a few, niche organisations that grade your technical or industry-specific performance. However, for the purposes of this blog, we urge you to consider the following forms of compliancy:





These are the most common qualifications a business can strive for. They’re central to your reputation, laying grounds for satisfied, safeguarded customers and employees. However, plenty of start-ups and SMEs may be strapped for time, cash and manpower, somewhat baffled by the compliancy task ahead.


That’s where we jump into the fray: Spearhead Compliance Training offers multiple e-learning tools that certify your care and attention to detail, with full industry approval. Browse our courses today for a quick, cost-effective answer to your compliance needs.

Train Now. Invest Forever.

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