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Handling Information in Care (CPD)

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Our Handling Information in Care (CPD) eLearning coursecovers the Following topics:

  • Legislation
  • Handling of Information
  • Reporting violation concerns


Our 30-minute Handling of Information in Care eLearning Course is part of the Care Certificate and one of the 15 Standards that make up the full certificate. This course outlines and educates you on the extremely important right of those in your care to confidentiality. This trust between health and social care professionals is essential to ensure legislation is adhered to and the transfer of individual information to others is kept strictly on a need to know basis to ensure the wellbeing and professional care of those you may be responsible for.


 Certificates are provided instantly when the course is completed.


The course is accredited by Highfield Awarding for Compliance with Spearhead eLearning as a HABC Approved Centre.

Who Should Take This Course?

Our Handling Information in Care eLearning Course is appropriate for Nurses, Doctors/GP’s, Nursery Workers, Care Home Advocates and Care in the Community Workers.

Interactive Learning Platform

This course is delivered via the most engaging and interactive platform on the market. The learning includes relevant photography and explainer illustrations to make the course content easy to follow and understand.

£10.00 + VAT

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