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Email Marketing Templates

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Email Marketing Templates


34 of our best email marketing templates in one, step-by-step, how-to-use-them guide.

The email templates include:

TEMPLATE – Introduction & Engagement

EMAIL #1 Please confirm your request for information

EMAIL #2 Here’s your free book

EMAIL #3 This gave me chills!

EMAIL #3.1 The Most Powerful Video You’ll Ever Watch

EMAIL #4 Hey!

EMAIL #5 Are you on Facebook

TEMPLATE – Product Launch

EMAIL #1 Here’s Your [name of report]

EMAIL #1.1 FWD: Did you see this yet?

EMAIL #1.2 RE: your video marketing series – final chance to download!

EMAIL #2 RE: Free Video Marketing Checklist (print off now!)

EMAIL #2.1 Download Your Free Video Marketing Checklist Today! (last chance)

EMAIL #3 DOWNLOAD: How to Reach 45% of your Facebook fans without spending one penny

EMAIL #3.1 Reach 45% of your Facebook fans without spending one penny

EMAIL #4 (Free Tools) How to Create Viral Content to Get New Clients

EMAIL #4.1 Here are your free tools to help you get new clients

EMAIL #5 Need my help with video marketing & production? (first 50 only)

EMAIL #6 [£300K+ Video Script] Here’s how to download it (first 50 only!)

EMAIL #7 Tomorrow is it

EMAIL #8 Go, Go, Go! First 50 will get £100 Off – Act Now

EMAIL #9 How to Use Video to Generate 6-7 Figure Sales – Here’s Your Plan!

EMAIL #10 [Limited Time Bonuses Added for 24Hrs Only]

EMAIL #11 [BONUSES] Come Down Tonight & Enrolment Closes in 48hrs!

EMAIL #12 First 50 Almost Gone – Price Set to Double Today!

EMAIL #13 Enrolment & £100 Voucher Expires in 5hrs!

EMAIL #14 I owe you £100

TEMPLATE – Abandoned Shopping Cart
EMAIL #1 Did something go wrong?

EMAIL #2 Your discount $100 promo code expires tonight

TEMPLATE – Activation

EMAIL #1 How to get featured on TV & radio, in magazines & blogs

EMAIL #2 Get 10 press release samples for only $10 (24hrs Only!)

EMAIL #3 [Last chance] Get the Instant Publicity Marketing System for a tiny £10

TEMPLATE – Article Series 

EMAIL #1 Is this the next Facebook gold rush?

EMAIL #2 [free gift] marketing downloads, templates & checklists

EMAIL #3 [24hrs left] get your marketing downloads & checklists now

EMAIL #4 FWD: did you get this?

A note from the Author

As you can see we have crammed easy to use templates into this document, telling you when and how to send emails that convert.


There are no certificates for this however click the image below for an example of one of our emails


The email templates have been put together by successful entrepreneurs and have proven results in gaining sales.

£75.00 £50.00 + VAT

How It Works

The Ultimate Email Marketing Template Series takes the hard work out of writing your emails and dramatically boosts your chances of achieving that ROI. It’s the next best thing to having a copywriter prepare all your emails for you… without the cost!
The Ultimate Email Marketing Template Series will show you what to send, when to send it, and why this is so important.
We’ve divided the emails into categories so it’s easy for you to work out where to start. For example, if you have new subscribers, head straight to the Introduction & Engagement section where you will find templates for first contact and relationship building.
Simply choose a template and customise it to suit your needs.
We recommend that you don’t copy each email word-for-word because it’s important to add your own business personality to anything you send out. To make it easy for you to work out what to say, We’ve given you a step-by-step breakdown of each email, explaining why it’s written it that way.

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