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“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”  –Nolan Bushnell, Entrepreneur

That quote could not be more relevant to my journey as an entrepreneur and my journey on the coveted Entrepreneurial Spark programme.

Just 3 months ago I walked through the doors of Birmingham Hatchery and started a journey that would change how I am as a business man and change my business to stratospheric levels.

I am writing this post to reach out to entrepreneurs and start ups that are stuck in their business without any idea of how to move forward or scale, entrepreneurs with an amazing idea but are not sure how to push that idea to make it great.

Live your dream 

Let me run something past you, I’m not saying this is fact or truth, but what I am saying is…. Imagine

We have to be here for the world to work, entrepreneurs and start ups are shaping the business world as it is today and for the future, we need more and more successful and inspiring people to help this country grow further and you are the people to make this happen. There are great people with great ideas, so why have boundaries, why stop at average? Why don’t you try and become or create a more fulfilling energy around you that others can live off and be inspired by? Make a statement in this world!

People come up with the excuses that it is too hard, that it can’t be done, someone will be able to do it better or even I cant be bothered! Go out and get what you’re worth, Go Do and achieve greatness. You are allowed to have those off days, we are human, you need those off days to have the great days. It’s ok to fall, its ok to fail its having the heart to push on and chase that dream. There has been times in the early days that I wanted to quit, get a 9 – 5 and live my life stress free, I was ready to take the easy route. Luckily for me I wanted Spearhead Compliance Training and my vision to succeed, anyone can do it! all it takes is the will.

At Entrepreneurial Spark I have had the pleasure of meeting serial entrepreneurs, mentors and great business men and women. I look up to them and learn all I can from them, however one thing stood out to me, these successful people that have inspired me are made of the same things that I am! The only difference is, that person has fought that little bit harder. It’s the people who shine brightly that affect us positively and the Entrepreneurial Spark hatchery is full of other entrepreneurs that shine brightly.

Stop waiting for others to do it first, break through and do it yourself. Why can’t you be the person who develops the next inspiring and hugely successful business? Look at the 4 minute mile, people thought it impossible and now every day people can achieve it. Entrepreneurial Spark increases your energy and everyone here at the Birmingham hatchery thrive of it, every business here on the programme is on their own journey, each at different stages but they all have one thing in common. They had the will, desire and grit to push forward out of their comfort zone and Go Do. Push your boundaries and join something that will challenge you as an individual but also grow you. I have developed from a trainer running a training company to a business man running a training company. We all have dreams but understand that they are achievable! You need the ups to create the downs and the downs to create the ups! You need to feel the opposites to fully understand the journey you are living, I have felt a huge mixture of ups and downs and right now is a point in time when I am riding that wave, the wave that is keeping me on the up.

I strongly recommend moving forward with your idea, your business, your dream. Every second you hesitate or don’t take action is a second wasted. I am simply sharing this opportunity with you so that you too can have the chance that I have to grow, nurture and achieve your dream.

Since being part of the Entrepreneurial Spark programme we have quadrupled our turnover for 2014 in just 2 months, secured a £450,000 contract with the Ministry of Defence and gained key strategic partners that will enable us to deliver training to some of the UK and worlds largest organisations. We have our vision and will stop at nothing to reach it, I hope you too will make the same decision to move forward and get entrepreneurs on the map.

Rest assured that Entrepreneurial Spark take no commission, equity or money from your business. Its free! What do you have to lose, I want someone reading this post to contact me 6 months, 12 months or however long down the line and to say“Thank you, I did it, I followed my dream and look where I am” I hope that person is you!

The link to apply for Entrepreneurial Spark is at the bottom of this post

Live your dream!

Regards John Loveday

Train Now. Invest Forever.

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