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Since securing Poundland Founder Steve Smith and Leisure Tycoon David Lloyd as Business Partner’s, John Loveday is expecting to see his new online training venture become the fastest growing and most successful training company in the UK within 2 years of launch.  The brummie Entrepreneur tells us more about the company’s ambitious plans…


Spearhead eLearning, a successful training company in the Midlands boasts some of the UK’s largest organisations as clients. Launched just under four years ago, the company was setup by soldier turned entrepreneur John Loveday and his business partner Paul Hood. John and Paul launched the business in 2013 and have grown it into a multi-award-winning organisation. Both former squaddies now have their sights firmly set on a new venture and they are looking for you to join them

“We wanted to enable people to learn almost anything, anywhere, anytime and on any device. But most of all we wanted to make it accessible to people from all walks of life” Said John

The new venture has already been quoted as “The Netflix of online training” and already has a pre-subscribed list of 2.4 million people waiting to get stuck in. John is now looking for subject matter experts from all sectors to be part of their journey

“Our aim is to reach 1 million subscribers within 18 months of launching, we are now looking for content partners that want to share their skills and knowledge via video tutorials, in return they will be sharing their content to our subscriber base” said Paul

The business will give individuals and corporates unlimited access to over 1000 video based courses and hundreds of legally compliant document templates, enabling them to learn a plethora of new skills. The platform will also have a sponsorship option that enables people to donate £12.00 for one years subscription that will go to someone in a developing country, truly enabling to change the way the world learns.

John has already secured some business heavyweights to join his team, not only Steven Smith and David Lloyd but also Birmingham Businessmen Tim Andrews and PJ Ellis the Co-Founder’s of LoveBrum, Joanna Seabright a senior marketeer with almost 20 years’ experience in the devising and delivery of launch and campaign strategies for well-known brands and businesses including Midland Expressway Ltd, National Express, GoAhead Group, and Chiltern Railways.  He has also secured Notepad Studio for the branding element and a large web development company to build the website in return for equity.

Steven Smith made his millions through his high street chain Poundland which he sold off in the 2000s and now he is backing the veteran entrepreneurs “I invested in Paul and John because I could see their passion for changing the way people learn, making all of the training available for just £1.00 a month enables anyone to learn new skills” said Steven.

But Loveday has a clear standard in mind, even though individuals gain access for £1.00 per month he is adamant that only the best quality content will be added to the website, John told us “For me training must be engaging and of the highest quality, we are looking to partner  with Universities for endorsement and our content creators will be some of the best Subject Matter Experts within their sector”

Leisure Tycoon David Lloyd said “In my time within the leisure Industry, quality of staff is paramount to the brand, and it is vital that my staff were well trained and to be able to do that on-line at a very reasonable price is fantastic news to me. I am really pleased to be involved with such an exciting and revolutionary business”

With the recent acquisition of IT Training Company QA for £700 million, 14 times their EBITDA, It is clear to see why Loveday wants to hit 1 million subscribers within 18 months. If you feel you have the expertise to share with then email

Train Now. Invest Forever.

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