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I fully believe that as a leader my job is not just to develop my team, and develop my trainers in order for them to develop our clients staff, but also to recognise the potential in them, leverage their existing talents, to encourage them to see themselves for who they are and give them the confidence they need to become the people that they can be.

I also think that no matter how much people learn there is still infinitely more that they could learn, but also because when we train someone I want them to be inspired so they push the boundary of the subject, to learn more than any other provider could ever teach them.

Last year 950 million pounds worth of compensation was paid by employers due to claims resulting from inadequate training. This affects businesses by resulting in loss of sales, loss of customer loyalty and lack of staff confidence, not to forget also making a huge impact on the company cash flow.

After talking extensively with professional associations, clients and businesses we have found that it is becoming more and more difficult to find a training provider that delivers exactly what they say on the tin. The training industry is a red ocean of providers all bidding and competing for clients, for this reason I had to develop an approach and a differentiating value proposition that enabled us to stand out from the crowd.

Spearhead Compliance Training can help you and your staff be fully compliant via training that results in accredited qualifications specific to their job responsibilities.“That’s great John” I hear you say, “but all providers can do that, so why is Spearhead different?”

Spearhead have built an unrivaled reputation for standards, not only as a business but also through each and every one of our 125 individually vetted instructors. The trainers on the ground delivering our bespoke and tailored training have extensive experience and knowledge. We use actors and actresses to put your staff in situations that they will have to deal with on a daily basis. We speak with you the client to develop the training around your work environment and to cover what is needed specifically for your organisation. We are not an off the shelf training provider that delivers the minimum learner outcomes, we go above and beyond, you get “The Spearhead Standard” 

The business was founded by Paul and I after successful careers within the British Army, the skills and discipline we gained in our military careers is now ingrained in our business model, we give our clients safety, integrity and selfless commitment.

Our standards are such that the Ministry of Defence have commissioned Spearhead to qualify serving members of HM Forces. We offer FREE annual refresher training for our corporate clients in First Aid, keeping your staff up to date and compliant and we are available 7 days a week 9am – 6pm! You wont speak to a sales team member you will speak direct to us, all of our clients are part of the Spearhead family and are with us on our journey.

Don’t take my word for it see what Principal Hayley Hotel HR Manager Gemma Tracey had to say about us HERE and also Erika Jarvis the Events Manager of The Birmingham Repertory Theatre HERE

No longer do you have to search for a training provider you simply need to search train with spearhead and give us the opportunity to show you why large organisations, serial entrepreneurs and HM Forces trust the Spearhead Standard.


Joan Smith of the Solihull Chamber of Commerce said
“I would recommend Spearhead for their professionalism but also for their hands on approach with all clients. They are so passionate and deliver an excellent service. John and Paul are lovely guys with a real story to tell about their careers to date which is why they are so good in this profession. They have worked closely with Solihull Chamber over the last eighteen months or so and people warm to them straight away. You will not be disappointed with these guys”


Take a look at our company video HERE and get in touch if you want a provider trusted by organisations across the UK.


John Loveday
CEO & Co Founder
0800 086 8798

Train Now. Invest Forever.

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